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This is a cooperative meta game. You play as a space agency tasked with conducting a space mission.
You are tasked with creating a mission plan that is within your abilities and achieve in Kerbal Space Program.
Should you succeed, you win. Should you fail, you lose. 
  • Number of Player: 2-3
  • Time: 60 - 120 minutes
  • Recommended: 16 and up
  • Required Mods: Raster Prop Monitor(RPM), and Multi Function Display(MFD), mechJeb, VesselViewer plugin, scansat plugin, FirstPerson EVA
  • Suggested Mods: Telemachus, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Alcor ASET capsule, hullcamVDS
  • Suggested applications: VOIP software, IRC software

Playing the Game

Stage 1 - The Mission

Draw Five cards from the Mission Parameters deck, one card form the Mission Destination deck, and one card from the Mission type deck.
Reveal all cards face.

Each card has a difficulty score. You add the difficulty to determine the difficulty level of the mission.
You may discard up to three cards and draw three replacements.

These cards determine the mission you have to prepare for.
From this you decide the mission and break up into three roles.

Stage 2 - Choosing your Roles

You three have a separate role.


The Engineer builds a rocket according to the mission's specification.
They must build both launch vehicle and spacecraft and instruct the Pilot on how to fly it.
The Engineer is most active in the mission preparation stage of the game.

Flight Commander

The Flight Commander is in charge of the mission.
They direct the Pilot on mission and consult with the Engineer.
They are the only player who is allowed to speak to the pilot when the mission has started.
They are only allowed to speak to the Pilot through IRC or VOIP.
No visual information can be provided except through pictures sent by the pilot or through
The Flight Commander is active in all stages of the game.


The Pilot flies the mission. They are only allowed to begin the mission.
They must stay in IVA at all times unless it cannot be avoided.
They may conduct an EVA unless a mission parameter denies it.
The Pilot is mostly active in the last stage of the game.

Each player may choose which role they would like to play or assign it randomly.
Players are encouraged to make their own rules to assign roles.

Stage 3 - Mission Preparations

Each player must prepare for the mission. The engineer and the Flight Commander are the most active in this stage.

The Engineer builds and tests their launch vehicle and assortment of spacecraft in their game of KSP.
They may prepare action groups but should instruct the Pilot on what they do before the conducting the mission.

The Flight Commander prepares the mission plan.
They must calculate the amount of DeltaV spacecraft for the mission to have and forward it to the Engineer.
they may consult with third party calculators or deltaV maps.

Stage 4 - Conducting The Mission

This is where it all comes to a close. Depending on how well you all did in Mission Preparation, you success will be determined here. 
  1. The Pilot and Flight Commander are the most active in this stage.
  2. The craft file is sent to the Pilot. The Pilot loads the game loads the spacecraft on the launch pad and enters IVA.
  3. The Flight Commander, directs the mission according to the mission plan they've drawn up. 
  4. Following the Flight Commander's directives, the Pilot executes the mission and prays that the Flight Commander and the engineer did their job's right.

Deciding who won

There are varying levels of success and failure depending on which parameters are achieved and whether the pilot is stranded or dead.
Ultimately it is the players who decides if the mission is a success.

If the mission is a success, all players win.
If the mission is a failure all players lose and determine and shirk blame.


If there are two players, the Flight Commander takes on the engineer's duties along with their own.

having two pilots may be optimum when conducting a long mission with multiple burns.


Mission Parameters Cards (37 cards)

  • 4 get home safe - (if not a flyby, return Kerbal) current difficult x2 (only one)
  • 5 call a friend - *bring an extra Kerbal) difficulty +1
  • 3 two's company - (bring two extra Kerbals) difficulty +2
  • 1 three musketeers - (must three extra Kerbals) difficulty +3
  • 2 Infrastructure takes time - (if orbit or flyby leave a spacestation, if landing leave a colony) difficult +4
  • 3 for science! (must an experiment) difficult +1
  • 2 the science has been doubled! (must two experiment) difficult + 2
  • 3 might as well(if the body is a planet, visit all moons if it has any) planet difficult x 2(done before get home safe)
  • 3 Science procure on site -  bring a science la)b difficulty. difficulty + 8
  • 5 Allergic to Space - EVA denied unless landed. difficulty +5
  • 2 Curious? (if mission is orbit or flyby, probe must land. if mission is landing, probe must stay in orbit) difficulty + 2
  • 4 bi polar (if orbit must be polar, flyby must pass over the poles, landing must land on the poles) difficulty +4

Mission Destination Cards  (78 cards)

  • 2 Kerbol  difficulty +3 (landing missions become Low orbit missions. difficulty + 25)
  • 4 Moho  difficulty +14 
  • 5 Eve difficulty +10
  • 4 Gilly difficulty +12
  • 3 Kerbin(all sample returns become suborbital missions) difficulty +1
  • 6 Mun difficulty +2
  • 6 Minmus difficulty +3
  • 5 Duna difficulty +5
  • 4 Ike difficulty +7
  • 3 Dres difficulty +6
  • 3 Jool difficulty +8 (landing missions become orbit missions)
  • 4 Tylo difficulty +11
  • 4 Laythe difficult +11
  • 4 Bop difficulty +12
  • 4 Pol difficulty +12
  • 3 Eeloo difficulty +13
  • 1 The Full Monty(every planet) difficulty +58
  • 2 The inner system(Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna) difficulty +29
  • 2 The outer system (Dres, Jool, Bop) difficulty +29
  • 5 asteroid difficulty +4

Mission type Cards (16 cards)

  • 8 Orbit difficulty +6
  • 3 flyby(return assumed) +4
  • 5 landing +8

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